Structure of clan

The charter of clan dragonfire


If you want to consist in a stable clan with the developed and stable economy with constant and stable collective that you were not mistaken with a clan choice.

Before the introduction into a clan, will familiarise with this text as can be that you simply cease to want to enter it.

1. the general or for those who in the reservation.

* the clan is which group of people one purpose has united. (the purpose is found out till now).

* in a clan, there is a leader (and you as thought, where without it?) .

It shows in one person of the father - of the commander, the kind friend and a companion.

* the leader accepts in the clan, can drive out, can scold.

* each clansman can, observe stated rules all more low.

* but can and not observe, but then stay of this person in the clan can be extremely not long.

2. that it is necessary to do, and that it is not necessary.

It is desirable

* it is desirable as it is possible to play is more often. otherwise, what for then to enter the clan and to be a ballast?

* it is desirable to be the person in the clan because if you will not deign to communicate with the clan or at least to tell "zdraste" about you learns nobody, and if about you do not know kind what for you in general then are necessary? as it is necessary to remember that is on open spaces of aden and the help can be necessary for them, well here not all right to refuse, and to you will be rendered with a trinity.

It is desirable

* it is desirable to use foul language, eat some reasons, it is uncivilized, the administrator canin game children and girls it play it as practice, simply unpleasantly shows.

* it is not desirable as at the personal computer life is short, from you will simply beat out all yoursboth the weapon, and reputation of the clan can impair a little, and it is necessary for nobody.

* as very much it is not desirable to plant people or to take away from them their property on means of a deceit or game bugs. why? because it will spoil your reputation not as vasi pupkin, and as clansman. as will bring weight of a negative, to that whom you have dissolved. and for a negative usually revenge. so these actions you can get into the black list to what be to the player.

3. general provisions of things.

* to come on a forum and to be well informed about clan news.

*recipes and pieces are thrown off in (clan-bank)

* to clansmen!

The form of the demand for .

5. ICQ
7. % ?
11. (DragonFire)
14. :
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